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About Rejuvenate Physio

We are a physiotherapy practice with treatment rooms located in Armadale, and Seville Grove. We also offer home or gym/ hydrotherapy sessions for NDIS participants. The practice is owned and run by Jacinta Meyer.

Jacinta Meyer
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 

After completing her degree in Physiotherapy, Jacinta moved directly into private practice to gain a strong grounding in all aspects of Physio. Whilst studying physiotherapy Jacinta worked as a sports trainer at the State Netball Centre and developed a passion for the benefits of sports physio. After graduating Jacinta had the opportunity to work extensively in these areas allowing her to further develop her expertise. She is passionate about finding the best possible treatment for each individual client to ensure they get long-term results. Having always had a keen interest in health and fitness, she finds it a pleasure to be able to help others live a more active lifestyle, has a passion for working with people and enjoys helping them reach their goals to enable a better quality of life. Jacinta has a well rounded knowledge base and along with sports physio she is also very passionate about Paedeatric Physio.

Jordan Bonker
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 

Jordan graduated from Curtin University. Since graduating, Jordan has combined his keen interests in health and sport with his clinical skills as a physiotherapist to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Jordan enjoys applying his knowledge to enable his clients to get back to doing what they love and enjoying a good quality of life. Having worked closely with a variety of injuries and chronic conditions, Jordan is passionate about all things health and fitness and enjoys using a combination of exercise therapy and manual therapy to enable his clients to achieve their rehab goals. Jordan has a well rounded knowledge base around working with musculoskeletal conditions whereby he strives to ensure clients get long term results and individualised quality care from physiotherapy treatment.

Jonathan Narayanan
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 

Jonathan graduated from Curtin University. He is well versed in treating a range of conditions with a keen interest in ACL rehabilitation, lower back pain and shoulder pain. Jonathan has developed a passion for working with the gerontology population on issues such as osteoarthritis and post-surgical rehabilitation. Combining Jonathan’s love for sport, health, fitness and working with people he will always strive to make you feel motivated and inspired to achieve your rehab goals.

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